Thursday, September 19, 2013

Let's See How This Goes...

So, anyone who is reading this blog is likely to be aware that I actually tried to start a fitness blog last year.  You may or may not also be aware I only posted to this blog once.  What happened to my fitness journey?  I just forgot about it.  In fact, I've gained a significant amount of weight since then, so the whole blog thing didn't work out perfectly the first time.

So in case you are wondering why I'm going to try again, it's because I actually have faith in myself this time.  I have been doing pretty well on my own as of late, and as a freshman in college, this is a time in my life where I am learning so much and have a lot to share!

This blog will be different, however, because it is not all about fitness this time.  The fitness tips will certainly be there as I find what is working for me and what is not.  I'd like to focus on my overall well-being this time.  Real quick, here are some things I would like to post on my blog:

-Fun/funny parts of my day/week
-Recipes (Healthy or not) that I've enjoyed
-Aspects and tips from my college life
-Fitness info/ My progress!
-Motivation to go for goals in fitness or otherwise
-Great workout music I find
-Anything else I feel you should know!!

Before I wrap this up, I'd like to set a goal on here with you guys, because I believe that it is important to have something to work for! I have a beautiful cousin, Caryn, who will be getting married this December 28th.  In an effort to look and feel good getting dressed for Caryn's wedding, I would like to get myself down to 160 lbs. by December 28th.  This goal is attainable, and definitely a healthy goal. I am currently at a weight of 173 lbs, so to reach my goal, I will be trying to lose 13 lbs. in a bit over 3 months.  That may not be a lot for a 3 month goal, but it is the holiday season!!

One more goal that I must set: I am trying to graduate from college a year early! In order to do this, my grades this semester must be fantastic! I am making an effort to achieve straight A's, so I will certainly be discussing study tips soon!

Thanks for reading, I will certainly be posting soon!

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