Monday, September 23, 2013

One of Those Days

Hello, readers!  So today is one of those days where I don't even want to admit to you what went down, but here it goes...

First of all, I was so occupied with taking advantage of all of my sleep time due to my 6:00 a.m. soccer practice being canceled, that I failed to complete my homework for today! I definitely goofed up that one and really there's no good excuse I could provide.

Next thing: My wonderful mother sent a bag of things I've been needing to work with my dad so I could pick them up from his office.  I grabbed my roommate and we were off to my dad's office.  Lucky for me we just happened to be by DQ and my dear roomie has never tried dairy queen!!! So of course we stopped.  I threw my cares out the window and ordered a small chocolate malt blizzard with cookie dough in it!!  BUT DON'T STOP THERE!  We made a Walgreens run to pick up some Powerade, and while we were at it I picked up a nice little bag of sour gummy worms for the ride home.  That's right, today my dinner was a blizzard so fattening it should be illegal, and a bag of sugar coated gummy worms.  I have no intentions of weighing myself tomorrow; but I do intend to redeem myself with an intense workout. 

While I'm on a roll:  I got hopelessly lost today.  I spent half a tank of gas driving around just looking for my school.  Not to mention I almost threw my car in reverse in the middle of the road because my roommate told me we were driving the wrong way on an expressway off ramp! However, after realizing we were in fact not driving to our doom, or even near the expressway we were looking for, for that matter: my roommate and I did enjoy adoring the astounding houses we never knew surrounded our campus!  We had to remind ourselves that the people in those houses were most likely dorm-dwelling college students themselves at some point ;)

But I really shouldn't complain too much about today.  I hope that having read this, you don't walk away thinking that I am just telling you what a failure I was today...

Here is what I would like for you to take out of this:  People fail all of the time, especially successful people.  The difference is whether or not you keep on trying until you find what works... I am going to wake up tomorrow morning with a fresh start and a chance to make better decisions.  I am going in with a plan tomorrow now: if I work on my goals one day at a time, I will be able to focus much better, and I think my goals will seem much more attainable!  Tomorrow I will be eating clean without exceptions, because I can certainly handle that for one day :)  Tomorrow is my chance to "keep on trying."

Today was not a waste, I enjoyed parts of it and learned a few of those pesky lessons.  Tomorrow I have practice at 6:00, and one class at noon.  A day that wide open has so much potential!  I see some gym time and study time in my future :)

A song that I personally love... it always reminds me of the friends I have behind me as I strive for my goals.

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